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Electronic Record Sharing

If you attend the Walk In centre, as a Walk In patient you will be asked by the clinican if you would like to share your record. 

If you consent to share your record in to the Walk In centre we will be able to view your registered GP's record (as long as they are using the same clinical system and you have consented for your record to be shared).  This allows our clinicans to treat you more effectivily and allows us to see any medication that you may have a sensitivity or allergy to.

If you consent to share your Walk In record out, your registered GP practice will be able to see the details of your Walk In visit (again as long as your GP practice has the same clinical system).  This will help your GP with any follow up treatment you may require.

You may also be asked by the clinican if they can access your Summary Care Record.  This record is a summary of your allergies and sensitivities and also your current medication.  This will allow the clinican to make an informed decision if they need to prescribe you new medication.

For more information on Summary Care Records click here

Remember:  We will never share any of your clinical information without gaining your consent to do so.