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Comments & Complaints

Norwich Practices Health Centre are always striving to do better and are grateful for your taking the time to help us achieve this through your feedback.  If you have a complaint, a compliment or an observation we want to know.

We take complaints very seriously and we aim to address these in a timely manner.  If your complaint cannot be addressed immediately by a member of staff then this policy lays out the procedure for raising complaints and the process and timescales involved.

Complaints should be made verbally, in writing or by email to:


The Patient Liaison Officer
Norwich Practices Health Centre
Rouen House
Rouen Road

Tel: 01603 677500

You should tell us what your complaint is about and what happened, who it happened to, where it happened and when it happened.  If you are complaining on behalf of someone else with capacity we will need their signed, written consent before we begin the process.

All complaints will be acknowledged by us within five days.

A full investigation of the issues raised will be undertaken and reported back to the complainant.

Those involved in the complaint will have the opportunity to give their feedback.

The investigation will be co-ordinated by the Patient Liaison Officer who will put together a response within 28 days of acknowledgement. If the investigation is going to exceed the 28 days identified in this policy we will advise the complainant of the delay and the reasons for it.

A full report addressing the issues raised will be sent to the complainant.

In some cases it may be appropriate to have a face-to-face meeting between the parties to try to address the issues and identify a mutually satisfactory solution.

In the event that the issues are felt not to have been resolved the complainant reserves the right to take their complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman.

We are always happy to receive compliments and points of view and these can be made through the same channels listed above

Complaining on behalf of someone else

Please note that we abide to the strict rules of medical confidentiality. If you wish to complain on behalf of someone else, we have to know that you have their permission to do so. Signed authorisation by the person concerned will be needed, unless they are incapable of providing this.

Additional Contact Addresses:

NHS England

PO Box 16738
B97 9PT
0300 311 22 33 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, excluding English Bank Holidays)
Email: england.contactus@nhs.net

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Millbank Tower
Tel: 0345 015 4033
Fax: 0300 061 4000
Email: phso.enquiries@ombudsman.org.uk

 For advice visit:



Please be aware that the Out Of Hours Doctors service is not operated by the Norwich Practice Health Centre but by IC24.